Solar PV, Feed in Tariff and Solar Panels

Aethon Green Energy are MCS approved Solar PV Installers.

Based in Malpas, Cheshire, our business covers Cheshire, Chester, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Wirral and Wales. Our show room offers hands-on displays of roof mounted solar panels using different roofing materials, energy efficient lighting and we have selection of information for your reference.

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Solar PV

Aethon Green Energy specialise in the MCS approved installation of Solar PV panels for homes, schools, businesses and farms. Using daylight to produce renewable energy from solar panels you are able significantly reduce your energy bills.

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Energy Efficient Lighting

We offer a stunning range of energy efficient lighting that can be used to retro-fit or for new installations. The range of energy efficient lighting that we offer covers domestic lighting, office or commercial lighting, and large scale inductrial lighting.

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Feed In Tariff

Now is the time to benefit from additional income from renewable energy produced by Solar PV and Wind Turbines. The Government backed Clean Energy Cash Back scheme pays a Feed in Tariff for the energy you produce using renewable technologies such as Solar PV and Wind Turbines.

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Power Factor Correction

One very useful energy saving method is Power Factor correction which reduces losses and inefficiencies, reducing your electricity bill. It can also prolong the life of electrical equipment and help avoid voltage drops plus reduce efficiency losses in supply transformers. PFC increases the effective capacity of your local electricity network, deferring future electrical infrastructure costs and allowing you to connect more machinery to the same supply.

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